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AFL is ready for openly gay player

Written By malwan milad on Rabu, 09 April 2014 | 12.50

AFL 360 chat to gay footballer Jason Ball of Yarra Glen FC's senior squad in light of AFL's IDAHO day.

Richmond's Daniel Jackson (left) and Carlton's Brock McLean (right) join openly gay Yarra Glen footballer Jason Ball in a gay pride march. Picture: Andrew Tauber Source: News Limited

THE AFL will only be a truly inclusive game when a player comes out as openly gay and no one really cares.

Call it a media hunt, or extreme fascination with breaking new ground, but there is still intense interest in the first AFL player to publicly out themselves.

In the NBA Jason Collins recently came out as basketball's first active gay player to widespread support and a distinct lack of controversy.

So much so that his jumper number (98) commemorating a gay man killed and tortured in 1998 was the best-selling jersey for the club in recent weeks.

In Wednesday in Sydney the AFL will take another step when Andrew Demetriou and Sydney player Mike Pyke attend a meeting of all major sporting codes.

The aim at the meeting will be to work on measures to tackle homophobia and institute policies to tackle discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The league has come a long way since being criticised for its lack of action over Stephen Milne's homophobic taunts to Heritier Lumumba in 2011.

Pike, an ambassador for this year's gay rugby world cup The Bingham Cup, says he has no doubt an AFL player would be accepted if he came out as gay.

Like Carlton's anti-homophobia campaigner Brock McLean, Pyke has gay relatives and close gay friends.

As a Canadian, where gay marriage has been legal since 2005, Pyke is stunned we do not have the same privileges.

"It's just about creating an environment where people feel comfortable,'' he says.

"The football codes seem pretty macho and it's a matter of making sure your teammates feel as comfortable with themselves and with you.

Sydney ruckman Mike Pyke has backed marriage equality laws in Australia to match those in Canada. Picture. Phil Hillyard Source: News Limited

"You need to create an environment where people are happy to come out to not only friends, but people within the footy community.

"Certainly the statistics in our society point to the fact that there would be homosexual people in our sport, and if there are people in our clubs who do prefer the same sex and don't feel comfortable coming out, it's a real shame. It's something that gets discussed in our club occasionally and it's important that people do feel comfortable."

The AFL has telecast pro-inclusion and anti-homophobia ads on its stadium screens in recent years, with the most recent version featuring Hawthorn's Sam Mitchell and Melbourne's Nathan Jones.

"To me it doesn't make sense that we don't have same-sex marriage in Australia,'' says Pyke of the broader discussion about individual rights.

"It's pretty amazing, to be honest. Back home I am from Victoria (in British Columbia) and my mother had a bed and breakfast and some people came up from America to get married on-site. It's one of those things where I just don't understand why two people who love each other don't get the same benefits as the opposite sex."

He says more education is needed within the home and in schools to change perceptions, but it is hard to legislate to change people's minds.

Instead, people like Melbourne suburban footballer Jason Ball are as effective as any tool.

In 2012 he came out and in telling his story became the primary ambassador for this issue in our code.

Now AFL players are educated on the impact of homophobia using his experiences, with Ball leading last year's Pride March alongside McLean and Richmond's Daniel Jackson.

The reality that there are gay AFL players still hiding their sexuality means we have further to travel.

But football has come a long way since Jason Akermanis' inflammatory remarks, and is ready to accept its first openly gay player.


The Brisbane Lions are without a win this season and soon they could be without defender Daniel Merrett who may have placed himself in hot water after a shocking late hit on David Swallow.


IT IS hard to think that Mark Evans will ever step in to intervene about a match review panel case if he won't refer the Daniel Merrett elbow to the tribunal.

It was a thuggish, brutal act from a player with regular tribunal appearances.

And with Merrett serving just two weeks — even with 46.56 carry-over points — it was exactly the type of incident that deserved escalation to the tribunal.

But clearly Evans is reluctant to step in, which means the AFL needs to find ways to penalise players who choose to elbow.

The direct comparison between the Nat Fyfe high contact and the Merrett elbow is confusing, because without carry-over points Fyfe would have only served one week to Merrett's two.

Merrett is also saddled with 78 carry-over points, which given his recent form are sure to bite him in the bum in the near future.

Still, the AFL community needs to feel when a player is cited the consequences for the hit are somewhere near fair.

That means the AFL needs to go back the drawing board and give elbowing a category of its own away from striking.

A strike can be an accidental hit in play, but players very rarely elbow someone if they don't mean it.

Daniel Merrett collects David Swallow. Source: Getty Images

So why not put elbowing incidents of the like of Shaun McKernan and Merrett's efforts up there on a par with kicking?

Under the AFL's match review panel directives, level 1 kicking is 125 points, level 2 is 250 points, level 3 kicking is 400 points and level 4 is 550 points.

Level 1 striking is 80 points, level 2 is 125 points, level 3 is 225 points, and level 4 is 325 points.

So if Merrett was charged with a level 4 offence as he was on Monday, he would face a 550 point penalty rather than the 325 he was allocated for striking.

With a good record and guilty plea he could still serve three weeks for the elbow with 80 or so carry over-points, which is just about par for the course.

If he had the carry-over points he had on Monday, he would serve four weeks, acceptable for a player with prior form.

David Swallow stays down after being hit high by Daniel Merrett. Picture: Adam Head Source: News Corp Australia

As it was on Monday, the match review panel couldn't do anything else, charging with him the highest intent — intentional — and the appropriate contact given Swallow suffered no injury: medium.

Their hands were tied, and the AFL chose not to act.

Right now it is better to elbow someone in the head than accidentally clash heads in a bump because rough conduct draws a heavier penalty than striking.

The match review panel's guidelines always throw up loopholes.

Of course making accidental head clashes reportable was always going to see some borderline incidents like the Fyfe hit anger fans early in the year.

The league wanted to crack down on players like Lindsay Thompson running past the ball to hip-and-shoulder and instead a pure ball player got done for bumping in the act of play.

But the league had a chance to act over McKernan's loophole and instead chose to give Evans more powers.

Given he isn't using them, it's time to rewrite the rules again.

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Wingard to miss Lions clash

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Most popular suburbs in Australia

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Dangerfield doubts eased

Adeladie Crows star Patrick Dangerfield struggles to get up after a heavy knock against Sydney. Picture: Sarah Reed Source: News Corp Australia

Buddy Franklin starred as Sydney secured its first win of the season, smashing the winless Crows at Adelaide Oval.

ADELAIDE is confident "bruised and battered" midfield star Patrick Dangerfield will play in Sunday's crunch clash against St Kilda at Etihad Stadium.

Dangerfield is nursing a sprained left ankle and a sore body which saw him train just lightly today.

After the session he was limping slightly on the heavily bandaged ankle he twisted in last Saturday's 63-point loss to Sydney at Adelaide Oval.

Will Port Adelaide have more members than the Crows by the end of the season?

But teammate Daniel Talia tipped Dangerfield to play against the Saints while stressing the Crows players had to do a better job of looking after him during matches.

"He'll be fine," Talia said, stressing how badly 0-3 Adelaide needs a win.

"I'm not sure what's even wrong with him, Patty, he's always sore.


"He's been getting a bit bruised and battered lately and I think he's been a bit sore from that.

"So as a team we need to do a bit more to help him out."

Adelaide expects its other trio of sore players — Scott Thompson (corked thigh), Sam Kerridge (poke in eye) and Mitch Grigg (adductor) — to also prove their fitness.

Kerridge is the one in most doubt.

Agile forward Tom Lynch is considered an outside chance to resume in the SANFL from a dislocated shoulder.

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Live AFL: Saturday night football

Written By malwan milad on Sabtu, 22 Maret 2014 | 12.50

HAWTHORN starts its premiership defence when its hosts the Brisbane Lions at Aurora Stadium in Launceston this evening.

The Hawks have looked razor-sharp throughout the pre-season but will be without key players including Brian Lake and Cyril Rioli as they take on a younger Lions outfit — who will be coached by debutant Justin Leppitsch.

Later tonight fans of 2013 strugglers St Kilda and Melbourne will hope to kick off their seasons in style when they meet at Etihad Stadium.

The Saints are without midfield stars Lenny Hayes and Jack Steven while the Demons, under new coach Paul Roos, will have to rely on a makeshift forward line with its three first-choice tall forwards all unavailable for the Round 1 clash.

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Crows riled by Danger treatment

ADELAIDE must work harder to protect star midfielder Patrick Dangerfield from tight — and possibly illegal — attention, defender Brodie Smith says.

Crows riled by close attention on Patrick Dangerfield

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Round 1 SuperCoach studs and duds

Matthew Warnock (left) made life tough for Jack Riewoldt during the Suns win over Richmond on Saturday night. Picture: Darren England Source: News Corp Australia

THE Nissan SuperCoach season is underway. So who has got their years off to a rollicking start and who, shall we say, stunk it up in their opening match?


Fremantle studs: The big guns fired for Freo. Michael Barlow led the way with 132 points, bargain ruckman Aaron Sandilands imposed himself and collected 127 points while Danyle Pearce and Nat Fyfe — the latter subbed off at three-quarter time — each nabbed a whopping 122.

Fremantle duds: Not many 'bad' players for Ross Lyon's men who strolled to a 70-point win. Lachie Neale only came on at the last change (once the damage had been done) so only racked up 14. Of the bigger names, Chris Mayne was perhaps the least prolific with 55 SuperCoach points.

Collingwood studs: Many Super Coaches were tossing up between Dayne Beams (136) and Scott Pendlebury (127). Not a bad idea to have both based on Friday night's form. Meanwhile, draftee Tom Langdon (111) could be a steal in defence.

Collingwood duds: He's promised more accuracy in front of the sticks this year, but right now Travis Cloke just needs to get more of the pill. The forward only collected 35 points although it was a tough night as the Freo backline dominated. The returning Alan Toovey only scored 30.

Both Michael Barlow and Dayne Beams (right) starred on Friday night. Picture: Wayne Ludbey Source: News Corp Australia

GWS 99 defeated SYDNEY SWANS 67

GWS studs: Adam Treloar was a standout for the Giants in the club's most memorable win, scoring a whopping 154 points. Former Swan Shane Mumford (132) monstered his old side, while co-captain Callan Ward (131) was another to inspire.

GWS duds: Co-captain Phil Davis was more concerned minding Buddy than winning any footy and managed just 32 points. Midfielder Dylan Shiel came on for the injured Rhys Palmer and managed 41 while Devon Smith also notch 44.

Sydney Swans studs: Not one Swans player brought up three figures as John Longmire's side failed to get their hands on the ball late in the game. Bargain buy Jeremy Laidler equal top-scored for the Swans — along with nuggety midfielder Luke Parker — with 95 points. Tom Mitchell was okay with 93.

Sydney Swans duds: Lewis Roberts-Thomson had little impact across three quarters, being subbed out at the final change with just 10 points. Sam Reid (34) couldn't get into the game, while Gary Rohan (47) and Buddy Franklin (54) struggled to have an impact.

Adam Treloar dominated against Sydney in his side's massive upset. Source: Supplied

GOLD COAST 87 defeated RICHMOND 69

Gold Coast studs: Gary Ablett stole headlines with 41 touches and two goals but it was Dion Prestia who headlined SuperCoach. The young midfield dynamo topped scoring with 144 points, edging out his skipper on 140. The hard-running David Swallow, who is a defender/midfielder in 2014, notched 135 points.

Gold Coast duds: Bad news for many SuperCoaches with highly-touted Jack Martin adding just 9 points before being subbed out with injury. Charlie Dixon was also concussed and scored just 22, while debutant Sean Lemmens scored 37.

Richmond studs: The Tigers' big guns were prominent but their side still couldn't get the four points. Brett Deledio (136), Trent Cotchin (118) and Dustin Martin (102) all impressed while cheap buys Matt Thomas (121) and ruckman Shaun Hampson (107) were also good.

Richmond duds: Jack Riewoldt didn't have a great night at Metricon Stadium, managing just 36 SuperCoach points. Tigers defender Steven Morris (43) also failed to provide much drive from the back half.

Dion Prestia's reputation continues to grow. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images


Port Adelaide studs: Ollie Wines was great value as a first-year player last year, and he might be even better this year judging from his 145-point Round 1 performance. Justin Westhoff had 100 before half-time and finished with 119 while Jared Polec's big last quarter pleased plenty of SuperCoaches.

Port Adelaide duds: Tom Clurey was a cheap option down back and while Ken Hinkley praised his performance, those who punted on him would have hoped for more than 36 points. Jasper Pittard got a bit of pre-season hype but managed just 52.

Carlton studs: Marc Murphy might be ready to move back to the elite midfield bracket after pumping out a 122 in Round 1 while David Ellard (120) could be one of the steals of the season at just $220,100.

Carlton duds: Dale Thomas kicked Carlton's first goal but faded late to score 62 points. At least he wasn't too expensive, unlike Andrew Walker who scored just two more points and is on report for throwing Angus Monfries into the fence. Too early for a trade?

Ollie Wines fires off a handball against Carlton. Source: Getty Images

GEELONG 119 defeated ADELAIDE 81

Geelong studs: He may have only played a half in the lead-up to the Crows clash but that didn't bother Joel Selwood, who tackled, gathered and contested (20) his way to 157 SuperCoach points. The mercurial Steve Johnson (116) racked up plenty of the footy while milestone man Jimmy Bartel (115) had a big say on the game with four goals. All players are pricey!

Geelong duds: Was Tom Hawkins worth it for those who took the punt? The jury is out after the season opener. 'Tomahawk' booted one but lumbered about at times and could only manage 35 points. Of the other bunch, Travis Varcoe flashed in and out of the game and returned 63 points.

Adelaide studs: Despite the cats' impressive big-man combination, the Crows' Sam Jacobs was a solid contributor with 113 SuperCoach points and looks like he may be back to his 2012 form. The emerging Matthew Jaensch (107) was neat while Patrick Dangerfield (107) was kept relatively subdued by his lofty standards yet still managed a handy total.

Adelaide duds: James Podsiadly (41) failed to trouble the goalscorers sheet in his first trip back to the Cattery. After a good summer Jason Porplyzia also struggled to have a big impact (40).

Geelong skipper Joel Selwood showed no effects of a pre-season hamstring injury. Picture: Colleen Petch Source: News Corp Australia


Essendon studs: All the Bombers' big names fired. Skipper Jobe Watson led the way with a whopping 157 points, former Saint Brendon Goddard (139) was instrumental while Paul Chapman (124) looks like he'll be a more than handy addition to Mark Thompson's line-up.

Essendon duds: It was hard to find any Bombers that struggled. Youngster Patrick Ambrose (45) is just finding his way while fellow debutant Zach Merrett (29) came off the bench as the sub later in the game.

North Melbourne studs: Lindsay Thomas was the only man who looked likely for the Kangas in attack. He finished with four goals and 101 SuperCoach points. Recruit Nick Dal Santo (96) started well but battled more as the game wore on. He had plenty of teammates.

North Melbourne duds: It was a night Drew Petrie would rather forget. The key forward couldn't get his hands on it inside 50, then went into the ruck to help the battle-sore Todd Goldstein. He could only manage 20 points. Sam Wright (27) was equally ineffective.

Essendon champ Jobe Watson dominated against the Kangas. Picture: Wayne Ludbey Source: News Corp Australia

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Demetriou approved Hird interview

Written By malwan milad on Rabu, 19 Maret 2014 | 12.50

Suspended coach James Hird joins The Hangar for a candid discussion on the support from Essendon fans, his relationship with Mark Bomber Thompson and how he will spend the next few months on the sidelines from the AFL.

Suspended Essendon coach James Hird is looking forward to returning to the club. Source: HeraldSun

THE AFL gave permission for Essendon to interview their suspended coach James Hird on their in-house TV show.

League chief Andrew Demetriou, who has received widespread criticism in the media and from the Hird camp over his handling of Essendon's supplements saga, said on Wednesday he had no problems with the interview on FoxFooty's ``The Hangar''.

Demetriou said league officials were contacted several weeks ago regarding the interview, which was broadcast on Tuesday night.

``They said, would it be OK to do that interview, and I advised Essendon chairman Paul Little ... that there was no issue about breaching the agreement,'' Demetriou told reporters.

``He conducted a pretty straight up and down interview that appeared on The Hangar last night and we saw no issue with it.''



Hird was banned by the AFL from having any formal contact with his club for a year, but used Essendon's TV program to reassure supporters of his return when his suspension ends in August.

"I can't wait to come back," he said when commenting on his "passion for coaching".

"I'm counting down the days.

"I think it's less than six months now to come back and I can't wait to come back and coach this football club again and coach the players and reward the supporters for the faith they have put in our football club."

For the first time Hird defined both his role at the club when he comes back before the season's end and that of his stand-in replacement Mark "Bomber" Thompson.

Suspended coach James Hird is itching to return to his post at Essendon, telling The Hangar that he is keen to repay the faith shown in him by the club.

He said that there should be no confusion about his and Thompson's roles because they had been quite clearly outlined.

"I think Bomber and I are really clear on what our roles are going to be," he said.

"Bomber will be the head coach in 2014 and I will be the head coach in 2015.

"So I can't see there'll be any distraction in that."

He said that he would be on hand to give Thompson any help he required when he came back in August, but he believed he would spend more time on preparing the club for next season.

"One of the advantages is that it really gives me a head start on 2015," he said.

"More than any other club, I'll put the list together, make sure we're ready for the trade period, the draft period."

Hird, who accepted a 12-month suspension from the AFL over his role in the club's peptides supplements scandal after a long-running dispute, has gone overseas with his family and will spend the next few months in Paris where he will attend one of the world's most prestigious business schools.

With AAP.

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Time on Power̢۪s side

Port Adelaide forward Robbie Gray has praised Ollie Wines for his star performance against Carlton, the young star showing no signs of second season blues.

PORT Adelaide believes the split first round can form as its greatest ally by giving them extra time to recover from the Carlton win and prepare for their first match at Adelaide Oval.

Swingman Justin Westhoff, who laid claim to man-of-the-match honours against the Blues, said having a weekend off would allow the Power to get over the physical bruises from the intense first match.


It will also give the players and coaches more time to study the Crows' first match against Geelong.

``There were a few sore bodies after the game so it's probably good to have a few days off, to freshen up a bit'' Westhoff said. ``But there's always a worry when you've had a bit of extra time off that you go into the game a bit slow.

``But we come back after a few days off on Sunday ready to have a big week on the track and we'll be going into the game ready to go.''

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Power is no one-hit wonder

Written By malwan milad on Minggu, 09 Maret 2014 | 12.50

Leading from the front, from left, Port Adelaide captain Travis Boak, coach Ken Hinkley and classy midfielder Hamish Hartlett. Picture: Sarah Reed. Source: News Corp Australia

A QUICK glance at the Port Adelaide squad and you immediately recognise it is a list on the improve, boasting genuine quality in all departments — front, back and everywhere in between.

It has leg speed to burn with the introduction of Jared Polec and Matt White.

It is well served with goalscoring options with a front six the envy of many.


The defence, albeit slightly undermanned for round one with the likely absence of Jackson Trengove and Alipate Carlile, has a hard-yet-creative edge to it.

Then there's the midfield.

An embarrassment of riches led by one of the game's very best in Travis Boak.

Ollie Wines and Justin Westhoff are set to commit their future to Port Adelaide by signing new deals, while coach Ken Hinkley expects a trio of key players to all return from injury in time for the opening round.

Weaknesses are few.

It is here where Ken Hinkley's team is elite in every sense of the word.

Beyond the brilliance of Boak lies the class of Brad Ebert, the competitive spirit of Kane Cornes, the power of Ollie Wines, the beauty of Hamish Hartlett, the persistence of Matthew Broadbent, the grace of Robbie Gray and the sublime talents of Chad Wingard.

Throw in Polec and White and suddenly there's a 10-man "pack" as good as it gets.

Some are still to reach their full potential but it is there., make no mistake.

It is the stuff premiership teams are built on and while the Power's time is not now, in 12 months' time it could be a different story.

Selecting the 22 for round one against Carlton at the Dome will not be a simple one for Ken Hinkley and his assistants. Not so much for who to pick but for who to leave out.

Trengove and Carlile will miss after interrupted preseason campaigns but it will not create the disruption it would have 18 months ago.

Tom Jonas and Jack Hombsch will fill the void on the Blues tall forwards in Waite, Warnock and Matthew Kreuzer while Tom Clurey has earned the right to help the cause for his 1st game at the highest level.

Team defence will be a key for the Power in the season opener.

Amazingly, Cam O'Shea, Andrew Moore and Jarman Impey could all be watching from the sidelines, so talented and healthy is this list.


Solid defence and a quality midfield aside, it's in attack where the Power will cause the most headaches.

The diversity and sheer brilliance of their forwards is a credit to the club's recruiters that pulled them together.

Jay Schulz, Justin Westhoff and John Butcher are a unique mix of marking ability, goal sense and freakish talents that if sound will take some stopping.

Throw in Angus Monfries, Wingard and Gray and you have an attack as diverse as any in the game, capable of breaking the 20 goal barrier against almost any opposition.

Naturally it won't be that easy.

There will be unforeseen challenges for the Power in 2014 but make no mistake this is a club on the rise.

Lase season was no flash in the pan. No one-hit wonder. No freak of nature. No luxury draw.

Game one is a game that should be won.

Finals are a legitimate goal that should be reached.

Top four is a dream that may not be achieved in 2014 but the foundation can be set, the bodies can be prepared and the confidence can be built for the seasons to come.


Forwards: Westhoff, Butcher, Wingard

Half-forwards: Monfries, Schulz, Stewart

Centre: Hartlett, Boak, Polec

Half-backs: Ebert, Jonas, Broadbent

Backs: Cassisi, Hombsch, Clurey

Ruck: Lobbe, Wines, Cornes

Interchange: Gray, Renouf, Pittard

Sub: White

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Crows sweat on Lynch scans

Rory Sloane checks on the injured Tom Lynch. Picture: Tom Lynch Source: News Corp Australia

ADELAIDE will today learn the extent of key forward Tom Lynch's shoulder injury — but a ready-made replacement emerged from the club's ­reserves ranks yesterday.

Lynch and Andy Otten (jarred knee) were expected to have scans yesterday (Saturday) or early this morning following the Crows' trial match victory — an unblemished third pre-season win — against Greater Western Sydney on Friday that delivered four injuries.

Sam Shaw suffered hamstring and glute tightness but is expected to recover quickly while senior midfielder Richard Douglas spent Friday night in Sydney's Westmead Hospital recovering from an accidental knee to the groin.

Matt Crouch was in line to play at Bankstown but awoke with tonsillitis before the match and was ruled out. His illness is expected to be only short-term.


The key concern remains Lynch, who booted a club-high 33 goals in 17 games for Adelaide last season.

The Crows were yesterday hoping there was no muscle or ligament damage surrounding the dislocated left shoulder joint, but were understood to be bracing for at least minor surgery.

The worst-case outcome suggested missing the first half of the season.

"He's an outstanding character around the club, he's one of these really outgoing guys that gets the boys up and about," midfielder Scott Thompson said.

"He had foot surgery late last year and missed a large chunk of the summer himself and he's got himself back to a stage where he's really fit, obviously playing his first game yesterday, and to dislocate your shoulder is really disappointing.

"But fingers crossed it's not too bad."


Should Lynch be unavailable for Adelaide's opening match of the 2014 season, against Geelong at Skilled Stadium on March 20, reserve forward Lewis Johnston did all he could to fill the spot with a spectacular seven-goal haul for the club's reserves side yesterday.

Johnston bagged three first-term goals, two in the third and two more in the last with laser accuracy in a perfect audition.

He marked strongly, led and ran hard to space and worked defensively with a big tackle in the final quarter to set up one of teammate Sam Kerridge's four majors.


Thompson, among the best in Adelaide's win against GWS on Friday, said he was confident the Crows had the depth to cover any loss to injury.

"If need be," he said. "I don't know how bad some of those injuries are at this point, we'll wait until they get assessed.

"We've got 13 days now til the start of the season. We've got some real talent out there today (in the Adelaide reserves) so I hope those boys play well. There may be a window open now with some of the injuries we've got but if that's the case I'm sure a couple of these boys will want to put their hands up."

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